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The #1 Obstacle to Becoming a Good Listener

Recently, the biggest blunder in the 90-year history of the Oscars took place when the wrong envelope for Best Picture was given to presenter Warren Beatty, resulting in an unforgettably embarrassing moment for the entire Academy of Motion Pictures dubbed “Envelopegate.” How could such a simple task result in such a monumental oversight? After all, […]

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Four Keys to Becoming a Better Listener

In a recent post, I shared a statement from a friend that has become a personal affirmation: I will be where I am….wherever I am. For me, presence starts with what Emotional Intelligence expert Dr. Travis Bradberry calls “the art of listening.” Isn’t it interesting that he refers to listening, something that seems as basic to […]

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The One Thing You Must Do To Present the Best Version of You

Last spring, I was having a “30,000 foot” conversation with a friend, sharing some of our mutual leadership and relational challenges. During the exchange, he shared a statement that resonated so strongly with me that it became a personal theme, a constant reminder that underscores an ongoing obstacle in my life: I will be where […]

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5 Keys to Becoming a Good Conversationalist

“Conversational competence may be the single most overlooked skill we fail to teach.” – Paul Barnwell, teacher and writer A fellow blogger and good friend of mine once described good communication as “the act of furthering understanding between two people.” I think that’s true, which is why I find the increasing polarization of our society […]

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