Making You Matter

My goal is to help you pursue extraordinary growth in every arena of your life. I want to inspire you to present the best version of yourself to your world by authentically serving others, creating lasting value, and living each day on purpose.

Whether you work as a front-line customer service representative or you engage at any level with other people, learning to communicate with empathy, clarity and resourcefulness is important.

Power Talking Tips: Get Those “Buts” Out Of Your Mouth

I’m always looking for new customer service training ideas. Whenever I’m out in the marketplace–in restaurants, retail stores, community events, etc.–I’ve got my radar on for real life examples (both good and bad) that I can use for future sessions. And one of the...

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Five Reasons Why Starting Crossfit Could Change Your Life

Have you heard about Crossfit? Since starting out in a small gym in Santa Cruz, California in the early 2000's by a former gymnast with a passion for exercise science and an unconventional approach to training, Crossfit has become the fastest growing fitness movement...

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Six Steps to Developing a Growth Mindset

The summer before my daughter Kristen's freshman year in college, I spent an entire afternoon and evening teaching her how to slalom ski. After hours of dragging her across a small lake near our home as she endured multiple face plants, just as the sun was setting,...

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