Making You Matter

My goal is to help you pursue extraordinary growth in every arena of your life. I want to inspire you to present the best version of yourself to your world by authentically serving others, creating lasting value, and living each day on purpose.

Whether you work as a front-line customer service representative or you engage at any level with other people, learning to communicate with empathy, clarity and resourcefulness is important.

Why Variety Really Is the Spice of Life

If you're over 40, do you find that, as you age, time seems to go faster? That has certainly been my experience and those of my 50-something friends. While I have always attributed this to an active, engaging and joy-filled life — the...

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Motivation Moments: How’s Your Self-Talk?

Welcome to my new series! Motivation Moments is dedicated to helping you live with more purpose, work with greater focus, and lead with maximum influence. Each week, I will share key insights from the many books, podcasts, blog posts and other content I regularly...

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Bill’s Friday Five

Welcome to a new edition of Friday Five - a collection of my favorite experiences and insights from the past week that have added substance, impact and fun to my life. Here we go! Favorite Food: Edson Farms' Salmon Eggs If you're a deviled egg lover but haven't had...

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The One Force You Must Reckon With To Reach Your Goals

Early in my career as a sales manager in my father's busy Buick dealership, I recall a brief but memorable conversation we had after a crazy day in the showroom. Standing in his office, feeling completely frustrated and worn out, I vented to him about the "grinding" I...

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The Surprising Truth About Achieving The American Dream

Recently, I read an article by Glenn Stanton in The Federalist summarizing some fascinating research on the pursuit of social justice, one of the most hotly debated topics in American society. According to this research, the biggest difference-maker in achieving...

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