Making You Matter

My goal is to help you pursue extraordinary growth in every arena of your life. I want to inspire you to present the best version of yourself to your world by authentically serving others, creating lasting value, and living each day on purpose.

Whether you work as a front-line customer service representative or you engage at any level with other people, learning to communicate with empathy, clarity and resourcefulness is important.

5 Ways Reading Will Make You A Better Version of Yourself

Ever since I was a kid, I've been an avid reader. It started with magazines like Time and Sports Illustrated as a teenager, then evolved to include biographies, self-help, the Bible, business books and, occasionally, novels. As a self-described content addict--I even...

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Motivation Moment: Are you a “Front Seater”?

Recently, while leading a series of early morning sessions with our employees known as "Compass" meetings (the term "compass" reflects our aim of aligning our company culture towards "True North"), I noticed that during every session, as people entered the room, the...

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Motivation Moment: What Is the Real Purpose of a Business?

Of all the insights my father shared with me during the two decades I worked under him, one of the most memorable took place early in my career, during a somewhat stern warning he delivered to me over a customer communication breakdown. While running a small Ford...

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3 Simple But Powerful Rules To Live By

As I prepare to leave for Orlando to attend David Bayer’s Powerful Living Experience (named by Inc. Magazine as a top 3 must-attend personal development event for entrepreneurs), I'd like to share a guest post by one of my favorite bloggers, Andy Mason, that I found...

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