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The Bill Marsh Auto Group, which I own and operate with my two brothers, is Northern Michigan’s largest automobile retailer with eight new vehicle franchises, three branded used car outlets, an auto body repair center, an independent automotive service center, and a Thrifty Rental Car franchise. Operating out of three locations in Traverse City, Michigan and one in nearby Kalkaska, Michigan, we employ 248 people. For more information on our company, refer to the links below:

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One of our unique attributes as a company is our vision, which is…

To be the gold standard of customer service in every market we serve.

Notice there is nothing about selling or servicing cars and trucks in our vision. Although automotive sales and service are what we do, they don’t describe the value we deliver, which is customer service. Striving as a company to become the reference point for excellence in customer care compels us to continuously improve our level of service. That’s why we conduct over 1200 employee-hours of dedicated training each year. The following are some of the training programs we’ve created, inspiring many of the customer service posts you’ll find on this blog:

  • “Give’em the Pickle”: Based on Robert Farrell’s inspirational and entertaining video series on the 4 keys to great customer service.
  • Power Talking: How to use words to manage customers’ expectations.
  • Customer Service Recovery: How to turn customer problems into value-building opportunities.
  • What did you Say? How to respond resourcefully  to any customer comment or concern.
  • Make it Matter: The three keys to personal branding.
  • Rules of Engagement: How to create a genuine connection and great first impression.
  • Power Listening Skills: How to harness the power of being heard.

Training sessions like these equip our people with the skills, attitudes, and productive habits to support our mission of  delivering positive experiences, every customer, every day.

As you read my posts on customer service and personal branding, understand that most were inspired by the commitment to training and educating our employees to create exceptional experiences…every customer, every day.