The most successful people I know share many common qualities of character and life experience, one of which is the impact of mentors in shaping their careers… and their lives.

Tommy Gibbs, a highly respected automotive consultant, trainer, and friend, recently shared one of the most valuable lessons he ever learned from his former business partner. The lesson, simply stated, is Do More.

“He taught me the importance of always doing more than is necessary, more than is fair,” Tommy recalls. “It’s simple: when in doubt as to whether you’ve given enough, give some more.”

Becoming a Mentor image via Keith McMean

Below are Tommy’s 11 traits of leaders who do more. Whoever the people are in your life whom you influence — who look to you for wisdom and guidance — share with them this simple mantra, Do More:

1. They do more than they know is necessary.

2. They do more than they know is fair.

3. They do more because it’s the right thing to do.

4. They do more not expecting anything in return.

5. They do more even when they know it still may not save the day.

6. They do more even when they know it may not save the customer.

7. They do more because they know it’s a teaching moment.

8.They do more because they don’t want to leave this earth owing anything.

9. They do more because they can.

10. They do more because they see the big picture.

11. They do more because if not them, who? Maybe you!

Here’s my challenge: Think of one area of your life where you can do more than what is expected. Maybe it’s a home project this weekend, a customer you’re working with, a community service initiative, or a personal goal you’re pursing. Whatever it is, commit to doing a little more. Let me know how it goes!