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Present the best version of YOU to the world by creating a distinct and authentic personal brand.

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What You’ll Receive

Personal Branding

People who pursue personal development as a lifestyle view themselves as their own brand; they function as the CEO of a company called, “Me Inc.” I’ll share many ideas and strategies to help you build and maintain a strong personal brand that will fuel your growth in every part of your life.

Customer Service

Since 2007,  I have directed a company-wide customer service initiative in our business, which includes over 1200 employee-hours of training each year.  I will post many of the insights I’ve learned from the world’s top trainers and organizations that will help you grow your personal brand and/or your business through exceptional customer service.

Health and Wellness

As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, I enjoy sharing the latest insights and helpful strategies in nutrition, exercise, new training methods, and other behaviors that will add years to your life….and life to your years.

Occasional “off topic” posts

Once in awhile, I will feel the urge to share an insight, idea, or strategy that’s completely unrelated to the above, but too compelling to me to keep to myself.
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